Welcome to the Mount Veeder Fire Safe Council

Aftermath of Napa Fire

Our most recent significant fire, September 22, 2006.
387 acres burned.

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The Mount Veeder neighborhood hasn’t had a catastrophic fire for over 60 years. That’s in large part because of our effective Dry Creek Lokoya Volunteer Fire Department and Cal Fire, but we’ve also been very lucky. We live in a place that’s at high risk for a devastating wildland fire that could destroy homes and property and take lives, not to mention the dire consequences to our watershed and wildlife. (See Fire Hazard maps)

Our area has hundreds of houses, many on narrow dead-end roads with severe access and egress issues. Much of the area is forested, with a heavy accumulation of underbrush and other ladder fuel that can take a small fire up into the treetops and turn it into a conflagration.

The Mount Veeder Fire Safe Council is a group of local residents, property owners and organizations who work together to reduce the risk of wildland fire. Our goals are to undertake fuel reduction projects, to increase awareness of the risk of wildland fire and of what can be done to reduce that risk. To that end, we have drafted a Community Wildfire Protection Plan that analyzes the fire risk and identifies specific projects. We are an inclusive group and we encourage the collaboration of the entire Mount Veeder community in this endeavor.

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We enjoy the cooperation and support of the Napa Communities Firewise Foundation. Their website contains a wealth of information about fire safety and is a great resource for Napa County residents. Our website is focused on providing information specific to the Mount Veeder neighborhood and the activities of the Mount Veeder Fire Safe Council.