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Help The Fire Department Find Your Home When Every Second Counts!

Seconds count in emergencies. Reflective address signs save time when emergency crews are responding to your house. To aid safety personnel in finding your home, residents are encouraged to purchase a 911 House Numbering Sign, a reflective address sign made of green reflective metal background with large white reflective numbers. These reflective address signs can be seen from great distances at night, and are the easiest house numbers for emergency crews to spot. There are many streets that have large numbers of these reflective address signs and it can be very easy to find houses on those streets. If you have one of these reflective address signs and others on your street do not, talk to them about these reflective address signs, as many times we must slow down to check their numbers to be sure we are not passing the house we are responding to. If they had a reflective house number sign, we could pass their house without needing to slow down to see their house numbers. These signs can be purchased at many, local hardware stores, can be purchased online here, or look for the soon to be released flyer from us for a special offer. Please note, signs purchased online are available to local residents only (those living on Lokoya, Redwood, Mt. Veeder, Partrick, Wall, Oakville Grade, or Dry Creek Roads). Thank you.
Napa County Address signage details. See #14.

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Address is highly visible

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Defensible Space

house saved from fire
house saved from fire

These houses were saved because they had defensible space.

You can reduce the risk of losing your home to wildfire by creating defensible space around it. Defensible space isn’t just smart, it’s also the law. Napa County and the State of California have both enacted laws that require property owners to remove brush, weeds, dead trees and other combustible vegetation and to create a 100-foot zone of defensible space around homes and structures. This doesn’t mean removing all the plants around your house. It means leaving some space between plants and removing low branches that can serve as ladders for fire to climb into trees.

San Francisco Chronicle article (5/9/14): California drought: Parched state braces for fire season

A detailed and very useful guide to defensible space can be found on the Napa Firewise website:
Defensible Space: Planning and Preparation

Cal Fire also has two helpful publications:
Defensible Space flyer (1.9 MB)
Defensible Space brochure (1.0 MB)

Napa County Defensible Space Guidelines (downloadable PDF)
California State Defensible Space requirements

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Article: New Resident Takes Action by Joe N. »

As a new homeowner on wooded property on Dry Creek Road, I started by gathering as much information as I could about my new surroundings. I then developed an action plan by coordinating with my new neighbors and the Mount Veeder community. Realizing that risk mitigation for wildland fire is a big undertaking that is never really finished, I decided to approach it in phases.
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Chipping Program

chipping program

For several years, Napa Firewise and Napa County have offered a free chipping service during the spring and summer to help residents implement their defensible space plans. The program is resuming on March 2, 2015 and information is available on the Napa Firewise website here.

Neighbors in Need Program

The Mount Veeder Fire Safe Council is pleased to launch our Neighbors in Need program to help local residents improve fire safety around their homes by removing hazardous vegetation and creating defensible space. The program is intended for residents who, by reason of age or disability, are unable to do the work themselves and who do not have sufficient income to hire someone to do it for them. You do not have to own your home to qualify.

An application form is attached here, along with a list of program guidelines. Some of the questions you may have about the program are covered in the program guidelines, so please read them before posting questions here.

If you are interested in applying for assistance through this program, please complete the application and submit it as indicated at the bottom of the form.

If you know of people who might qualify you can send their name and postal address to us at and we will mail them an application. Please note that proof of income, age and/or disability will be required.

This program has been made possible by a generous gift from Community Projects, Inc. with additional contributions from the following wineries and vineyard owners in the Mount Veeder neighborhood:

Anthem Winery
Fontanella Family Winery
Hess Collection Winery
Jackson Family Wines (Lokoya, Mt. Brave)
O’Shaughnessy Estate Winery
Progeny Winery